organic body wash

experimenting with fragrances and brands of several soap bars. Some like lemon, some prefer lavender, and while some stick to anti-septic brands, some take it further to boutique hand-made soaps.

Next to the soap displaying shelves, we began to discover a beautifully indulgent product, called the body wash. Those who find even the creamy soaps too dry, this product is a boon! It opens up a whole new world for the bath loving people! The body wash is far gentler than a hard bar of soap, lasts longer, and since one usually uses a loofah, it helps to exfoliate; giving that squeaky clean feeling at the end of the shower. What’s more, these days we also have several options of the organic body wash. If you know, what your skin demands, you will be flooded with choices.

Tea tree or Neem Tulsi for oily skin

Honey or Cocoa Butter for dry skin

Lemongrass and Bergamot for normal skin, the list is endless!

One can also choose, according to the time when one takes her baths, morning or late evening. Some washes use rejuvenating minerals, which is exactly what you might need to begin your day while some use relaxing essential oils which helps to sleep better. All this may sound quite unbelievable, but they really do work that way!

Certain minerals like activated carbon, sea minerals, green tea extract, help to energise the skin cells in a way that one is bound to feel refreshed. While lavender, chamomile, mandarin and geranium are those essential oils, which naturally calm the mind and body to relax.

Another almost magical natural ingredient is ylang ylang. The flower of the ylang ylang tree, originating in the South East Asian countries, is known for its anti-depressive properties. It also helps to control blood pressure. The natives of those counties consider this tree as an aphrodisiac. Anxiety is as common as diabetes in the modern world. And like diabetes, anxiety has several branches of manifestation. Essential oils, aromas, and minerals are known to help the mind in various ways; and it is proven in Ayurveda and ancient Chiniese medicine. Several brands have infused its essential oils and extract in the bath products.

With so many options, sometimes it may get confusing to choose the best organic body wash. Like most things in life, choosing should be based on what you are and what you need. Apart for understanding the skin type, one must also keep in mind the kind of work they do, amount of time spent outdoors, their mental health and nutrient requirements. So go ahead, and have a luxurious bath with your favourite body wash!

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