When one has their own business or an import or export firm then it is very much necessary that they should have an industrial warehouse of their own. Now how much big the warehouse should be completely depends on the expansion of the business.

One can check for storage warehouse for rent in Faridabad, but before renting a proper place one needs to check certain things so that they do not face any issues after the lease is taken.

Ventilation and Heating Issues

There are some facilities which has to be checked when one is going for a lease for an industrial building or a warehouse. There are some spaces where the tenants need to install their own air conditioning and own heating systems and there are also some spaces where these facilities are already available as the machines are already installed.  That is why; the new tenants always has to check whether these facilities are already there (if there, then one needs to check if they are in working conditions) and then sign the final deal with the owner of the space. When the tenant has to install these things on their own, then they definitely need to negotiate with the owner and this has to be mentioned in the contracts because there can be a necessity of repair and of replacements a few days or months later.

Check the maintenance cost

When one signs the final deal, and get hold of the warehouse, they also need to make sure that whether all the maintenance and the other operating expenses are included in the final deal or not. It is very much needed because before taking hold of the lease one should be very much aware of the responsibilities that they have for the warehouse. One needs to check whether the warehouse is being properly insured or not or whether the taxes that are needed to be paid ate paid at a regular basis or not. in fact, one also needs to make things clear whether these payments post lease should be done by the landlords or by the tenants. So, this will give a very clear idea that how much will be the cost after the lease is taken or after buying the space. Then one needs to check whether it fits the budget or not.

Parking Area

This is again a very important thing to check when one is taking a storage house or a warehouse on a lease. There has to be a proper parking lot and it has to be properly maintained. There will be some landlords who will try their best so that the tenants pay for the parking area maintenance. But when it comes to maintenance and repairs it always has to be the landlord’s responsibility and this is because in case of any long term expense, it has to be a part of the future property value.  But there has to be a parking area because people may need to keep some trucks and heavy vehicles parked there overnight.

So, before taking a commercial warehouse space for rent in Faridabad these things have to be checked.

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