How to choose a hoverboard

A hoverboard looks a bit like a skateboard. This is a tray with wheels. However, the plateau is composed of two elements connected in the center by a hinge. At each end is a big wheel. So we only have two big wheels where the skate has four small ones. And if the plateau could evoke a Segway, it must have a handle, which never has the hoverboard.

It is ultimately a mode of urban travel, electric, especially appreciated by young people, but some adults begin to appropriate because they are small and discreet. At the level of the displacement, they can go up to 15 km / h, but to be able to be regarded as a pedestrian (and to roll on the sidewalk), one must not exceed 6 km / h.

In general, hoverboards are black and presented as a mode of male displacement. But as much to say that young women do not let themselves be disgraced by such an argument and they are therefore suitable for all. Stickers are sold independently to allow to customize it according to his tastes.

How to choose a hoverboard?
If hoverboards are increasingly visible in the city, the market is still limited. So, it is possible to take into account the price to choose his model, but we can very rarely do the difficult on the color and patterns. There is not enough choice for that.

There are still some technical criteria to look at before placing an order, to have a fast and efficient hoverboard according to your expectations.

The size of the wheels

The vast majority of hoverboards have 6.5-inch wheels, which also give the maximum height of the device. These are the cheapest models and they are only suitable for city trips.

With 10-inch wheels, you gain in ease of movement to climb on a sidewalk, for example. But to get out of town and ride on something other than tar, you have to choose an all-terrain hoverboard. These are devices with higher and thicker wheels. The tray is also higher, the whole is water resistant. This is the case for example Hoo board.

The orders

On small prices, the device has a few buttons that snap before mounting on it. As soon as you go upmarket, it is possible to have a hoverboard with Bluetooth. That is to say, there is an app to download and then we change the speed and make some settings from his smartphone. This is particularly useful on all-terrain models.

The maximum speed

In general, it is possible to have a maximum speed of 15 km / h. Check what the device that tempts your offers.


In order to know which hoverboard to choose, check the battery type and battery life. It is announced in the number of kilometers possible. In principle, you should be able to find a device with 20 km of battery life, even with a cheap hoverboard.

However, make sure you also have the necessary charging time.

The options

In general, there are not really options on these devices. But you may have the budget for a hoverboard with LED, customizable deco, a warranty of more than two years, stabilizer, Bluetooth, etc. Thus the Hovertrax 2.0 has two different speeds.

The maximum weight

Attention, these are devices that do not allow people over 100 kg to climb on. Depending on your weight, check the maximum limit.

Why buy a hoverboard?
We are here on a discreet device that allows moving efficiently in the city. As soon as we know how to hold on, we save time, we avoid getting tired. Nothing beats a hoverboard for a teenager to go without a car in high school.

What is the price of a quality hoverboard?

For a hoverboard that is worth the cost, you need a budget of almost 500 $. There are many models from 200 $ but they will pose difficulties every time you get off the sidewalk.

How to use a hoverboard?

First of all, if you’re never riding on it, get a helmet and knee and wrist protection. So in the city, some people never move without putting on their helmets.

Then do some tests. It’s quite intuitive and the device responds to body swings. We bend a little forward, he moves forward. We stand straight, he stops. And of course, if we lean back, we move back. To turn, it is the same, you have to push on the left foot to turn right and vice versa.

If you are bothered by the idea of wearing a helmet, know that there are pretty cool models by the brand Nutcase.

What I like: Easy to fit under a desk

Rather discreet when you walk in the city and not at all tiring (if you compare with the skateboard or the impressive Segway).

What I do not like: The best models are over 400 $.

A hoverboard is a device that makes it easy to get around the city. It allows you to gain height, to arrive without a drop of sweat at work and not to clutter the corridors while waiting to leave. To enjoy it, just choose a good brand of hoverboard and train before your first outing.

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