Benefits Of BTC Blocks

Very good day friends! First of all I wish you have an excellent Thursday, today we will start talking about an ecological material, yesterday we saw the Eco Ark where 1.5 million PET bottles were used for its construction, today we bring you a much more “conventional” material and with which we are more familiar but which, in the same way, helps us to build a much more friendly and respectful work with the environment: We are talking about the BTC brick. This material is a block of compact earth (known simply as BTC), and is made with a mixture of earth and a stabilizing material, such as lime, cement or clay, this mixture is compressed and molded using a mechanical press.

Thermal material

The earth is a natural regulator of the temperature, so when using this type of bricks we naturally regulate the project environment, the compact earth blocks are not cooked (like the adobe), in this way it is ensured that the blocks retain their unique properties of moisture regulation and heat accumulation. A wall built with BTC blocks absorbs moisture when the weather is humid and releases it when the air is dry, this way we can also say that these bricks are thermodynamic, the compressed earth walls can store the heat and then release it to avoid changes in temperature, in this aspect its behavior is very similar to that of adobe.

Composition and energy efficiency.

The blocks of compressed earth basically consist of a combination of clay, silt and sand, all these materials in their natural form. To prepare it, 5% lime is added. The shape of the compressed earth blocks is that of a rectangular prism (like a conventional brick) and its dimensions are also similar, since they are produced in a format of 30x14x9 centimeters, each block weighs around 7 kilos and within its acoustic properties we can find that a wall of 40 centimeters thick can isolate sounds of up to 55 decibels. This material has proven to be energy efficient, since energy is saved because the walls made with these blocks are capable of storing solar energy, and then releasing it in the form of radiated heat when the temperature drops.

This energy efficiency can be further increased by using an external insulation or coating of the same material from which these blocks are made (clay), so the project will be hot in winter and cool in summer. In addition, if it were not enough, the development of these blocks is also friendly to the environment, since the manufacturing process is through a mechanical pressing, unlike the traditional bricks that are made by cooking in ovens, which consume fuels fossils and generate a large emission of polluting gases such as CO2.

Advantages of building with BTC blocks.

  • The constructions made with these blocks have proven to have a greater number of benefits than traditional constructions made of wood or concrete, its elaboration in terms of cost is much cheaper than conventional bricks, to build a normal brick it takes a lot of labor, on the other hand, the BTC blocks are manufactured by a mechanical press that spends 1 liter of diesel for every 190 blocks produced. All this reduces costs and helps the preservation of natural resources.
  • Thanks to the aesthetic and natural finish of the BTC, no special coating or finishing is needed, thus reducing the costs of finishing.
  • These blocks can be used in all types of constructions, of smaller and large scale. Solid Block Machine is the best option for you.
  • The BTC block offers a natural thermal system and is energetically efficient.
  • BTC bricks are not flammable.
  • Maintenance and repair: Humidity is the main factor of damage in BTC blocks, however mechanical damage can be repaired with clay and damages can be avoided with the coating of the clay itself. Its maintenance has been shown to be less than that of walls built with baked bricks.

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