Everything has a history even fashion didn’t fall from the sky like a meteor. The same way curtains and drapes which we see today are coming from years back. Their story can be dated back to the 15th century. From the past, the kings and Queens have been the real influences the public. Today in this technological and digitalized world social media has made everyone a celebrity. Let’s have a look at history. The very first curtains were nothing but the animal hides hung in doorways with hooks. However, through the years the Egyptians spun textiles from flax as well as linen. Then other materials joined the list followed by wool, silk, and cotton. These were valuable because these materials were more flexible & cheap. At the same time still provided a similar layer of warmth as that from the hides. In France, during the reign of Louis XIV bedchambers were introduced. The bed furniture included layer upon layer of curtains & valances with shades joining the league. Later, we saw various modifications and the modern day curtains are the same or different then they were earlier. Well, their requirement cannot be underestimated.

Curtains and shades got no alternatives-

Curtains and shades are an essential part of the home decoration. It defines a room & fabric influence the look and life of your curtain. There is a wide variety of fabrics to choose from like linen, silk, velvet, cotton, and chintz. Like including the room darkening curtains for pitch darkness etc. Apart from personal choice and taste, here are some tips to choose the correct fabric for your drapes. Although some fabrics look attractive but are not durable. It is important to choose the fabrics which have a long life as curtains are an investment. However, if you believe in change, you can go for any fabric you have on your mind. It’s like putting in your money but still affordable. It is easy to rethink when it comes to curtains. Shades are also a smart choice and look elegant at the same time. Blackout shades prevent any light from coming inside while roman shades add a glam factor.

Looks make it beautiful-

Loosely woven fabric lets the light pass through it & keeps the inside bright. Similarly, a higher thread count means less light will pass through & blackout shades are made from it. However, if you want the room to be light and sunny, choose loosely woven one. If you want to give a glossy, premium and elegant look then go for real silk or faux silk. If you require giving a simple and sophisticated look, go for linen or velvet. On the other hand, if you want the room to be dark, go for tightly woven fabric for room darkening curtains.

Choose the curtains that are easy to maintain & style-

We all know that curtains play a vital role in the appearance and purpose of the curtain. Many fabrics like silk and velvet require dry cleaning and this add up to their maintenance. Some fabrics can be washed and dried at home like linen and synthetic fabrics; therefore, it becomes light on your pocket. Choose fabric according to use and maintenance otherwise, it can create a nuisance for you. When it comes to style there are no limits and you can go for any fabric. Yes, the size and style of curtain influence the choice of fabric. Generally, for the styling purpose, lightweight fabrics are better for tab top style of curtain. However, there are heavy fabric curtains are required for large doors and windows that are airy, so that the curtains do not keep flying. Choose wisely and keep on reading this article to get complete guidance on curtains & styling.

An affordable option will keep you happy-

Curtains are an affordable option if you choose the fabric keeping in mind your budget. Different fabrics are of different price & that’s all you need to learn. While silk is very expensive, cotton inexpensive and the materials for blackout shades can be medium. It’s heavy and always of good quality. The amount of fabric needed also varies with curtain and space. Right curtain fabrics for your home will make things better. You cannot use the same fabric for every room else it can be monotonous. The different fabric has different functions therefore, for casual rooms, you can use bright and delicate as they are used just for decoration. However, in the bedroom, you need fabric neither very light nor very dark and dreary otherwise, go all ham with room darkening curtains.

Design wins the heart-

Choosing the correct design we’ll make the things flawlessly good. Pick the things that are in trend come to Spiffy Spools for the latest patterns and design. Fabrics come in a number of patterns and colors. Choose fabric on the basis of the pattern and color scheme of the room. Your curtain fabric should go with other furnishings of the room as well. Just tap the link provided below-

Go as per lighting theme-

Choose the fabric of curtain on the basis of natural lighting you need in that area. Some fabrics fade or get damaged due to regular exposure to the sun, so avoid dark colors & fabrics in sunny rooms. If you place blackout shades at such places then they might fade. Search curtains stop the sunlight from entering but they should not be in direct contact with it. Otherwise, they might get fade. Also, the thickness of cloth is associated with the amount of light and brightness in the room. Also, some fabrics help in moderating the temperature of the room. Keep the heat in or coolness in. Material like the suede, velvet, tweed etc is such fabrics that keep the cold out. Want the rooms to be cool? Pick the linen/cotton fabric; for darkness, room darkening curtains. If you want warmth then go velvet!

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