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Brick masonry can be stated to be a method of construction that uses mortar and bricks to build a cohesive architectural structure like arches and walls. It forms as well the term coined to describe the brick structure itself. Bricks are fashioned in a form and held jointly with the help of mortar which serves as a bonding agent. The integrity found in any brick masonry will be dependent upon the factors such as the mortar and kind of the brick utilised plus the skilfulness of a mason. Hence while going for the task one needs to take all these factors into account so that the task can be done as per the expectations and requirements.

Brick masonry strictures tend to be known for elegance, strength, and practicality. These aspects demand better value in the marketplace. They are inclined to be the structures with low-maintenance and are not in need of staining or repainting. They are capable of enduring water erosion, fire, and wind. They as well offer better insulation by which homes remain cool in the hot summer days and warm in the winters.

Brick masonry is capable of supporting great weight all by itself, but is susceptible to stress due to stretching, twisting or shaking. On this ground, several brick structures require strengthening with the help of steel beams, insulation boards or fibre-glass batts to render them more robust. Below are enlisted a few brick masonry tools plus equipments


A trowel is a triangular- shaped tool from masonry tool manufacturers which can be used for:  to lift mortar from any board, to put plus spread the mortar over a brick or into a set of bricks, to secure the bricks into the mortar just by tapping. Sizes of the trowel differ and can be eleven inches long and eight inches in breadth. Masons choose to use short and broad trowels because they cause no overstressing of the wrist of a mason.


A masonry hammer bears a square face at one end meant for breaking and has got a sharp edge needed for cutting at the other end. They can be utilised to slash hard bricks.


A chisel can be utilised to slice bricks into definite sizes. The width of a chisel falls under 21/2 – 4/12 inches.


Straightedge serves as the extensors to the levels of a mason. They can be utilised as levels happen to be small for the area that requires assessing or measuring. The middle section pertaining to the top of this straightedge should be horizontally parallel to the section relating to its bottom. Breadths of the tools array from 11/8 – 11/2 inches having the length of sixteen feet. These must be made with accuracy by masonry tools suppliers in India.


Squares are utilised at the time of building and appraising right angles and measuring corner layouts. They are generally manufactured from metal due to the factor of durableness.


A jointer can be utilised to build mortar joints. The jointer can be found in three shapes like rounded, flat, and pointed.

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