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Finally, you’ve got your website designed. It’s looking great and you are getting a lot of hits too. But, your visitors are leaving right away. Well, there is definitely a reason for it—your web design.

Most of us are of the view that design is what we see. But Steve Jobs was the one who pointed it out years ago that “design is how it works.” So the first and foremost thing you need to ensure is to avoid making those web design blunders that make visitors want to leave your website prematurely.

Sure, it’s important that your website looks great. However, it’s even more important that it works correctly—turn your visitors into hot leads and brand new customers.

Unfortunately, that’s not happening in your case because the design features seem to be sabotaging conversions. Don’t believe me?

Take a look at these two data-backed examples below to determine if your web development agency has made the same potentially dangerous mistakes.

1. A Cleaner and Simpler Web Design

A clean and organized design matters. It matters for conversions. But often people who provide web development services tend to overlook it. For instance, your ‘Contact Us’ page shouldn’t be called ‘Wanna Team-Up’, ‘Just Ask’, ‘Get Answers’ or anything else because not everyone will instantly understand what each one is.

You can take cues from Buzz Interactive that has used really simple and common names for all the pages.

Buzz Interactive

Certain pages must be organized similarly so that your visitors can immediately know how to get in touch with your business or find a product or service even if they have never visited a website before.

Zappos.com is a prime example in this regard. Here’s what I mean. You go to their website in search of a new pair of shoes. At the top, you’ll see they have categorized the shoes by gender—women, men, kids, then departments, brands, and sale.


Now that makes it incredibly easy to navigate through different offerings.

And when you click on a drop-down menu such as Men, it expands to reveal more options that are organized under ‘shoes’, ‘clothing’ and ‘accessories’. Despite the fact they have thousands of products on their website it’s easier to find whatever you are looking for.

Funnel CRM

If an e-commerce website and digital marketing company that offers web development services can come up with a simple and streamlined design, then so can you.

B2B audiences, on the other hand, love long and in-depth content pages. Yet, sometimes they too get confused as to where they are or what info they can find around this content. As a result, they end up leaving the website.

Here you can add little visual cues like the sub navigation or header image to let the visitor know where exactly they are. This immediately provides them with clues as to where they are and where they need to be going next. Like Funnel CRM, a B2B solution, has done on their website.


2. High-Quality Images to Match Your Theme

This may sound familiar to many.

You spot a lovely new WordPress theme. It has all the features you are looking for. A contemporary and clean design. Additionally, it’s only $40 bucks! Now that’s a lot cheaper than a basic custom design. Right?

So you buy it ASAP and start setting up things. However, only a few hours later you will realize it’s not exactly looking what you have deemed. You can’t really point out anything, but something seriously feels off.high-quality images

You go back to the original theme to figure out the difference between the two in order to see why yours isn’t matching the pristine original theme that persuaded you to make the purchase. That’s when you realize: it’s the high-quality images!

A little online research will show you that best websites use custom images and professional photography to enhance the overall aesthetic. And when that doesn’t happen, you can’t even go back to slap on those random photos you have gathered from different places.

Here is an excellent example. The official website of the US Security Administration has used a crisp and high-quality image that is perfectly complementing the copy.

So what’s the number one fix? Tell your digital marketing partner that is offering web development services to find you free and high-quality images. Sure, stock images can come in handy but only for a blog post like this one. Because if used on conversion-driven pages they can backfire.

Let me show you how.

Driving academy website development

Visual Website Optimizer split tested a stock photo against a real one and here is what happened. They wanted to see which of them got more CTA clicks for new registrations and the real image outclassed the stock photo by getting a 161 percent more clicks.

This brings us to the conclusion that images don’t just deteriorate the overall aesthetic and user experience, they also hurt your website’s credibility. Now this happens a lot with growing businesses’ websites because they usually don’t spend much on their web platforms.

Not only poor images detract your audience but they send across the wrong message. Have a look at SWDC’s website:SWDC - Summit Water distribution company

The image is not only misleading, but also hurting their credibility. A powerful image takes only 13 milliseconds for visitors to comprehend them. According to a study, a powerful image can increase user engagement by 94 percent.

So are you still looking to use those stock images over high resolutions photos? Let us know in the comments below.

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