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Therapeutical problem of Cancer

Cancer, as we all know is disease which has great misery attached with it. This disease is very much incurable and worst fact is that it has no prominent treatment for the curing the effects of these disease. It has many treatment present. However those treatment has not been too much effective and the most important fact is that they are very much expensive also. And too avail those therapies requires proper economic background. And judging by the economic scenario of the country, in India, the Indian peoples are very much unavailable to this therapies. Although it wouldn’t be off much advantages because these techniques and the therapies are not at all going to cure the diseases by any chance. They will probably extend the time period of the survival of that particular patient. Still people do spend their everything to see their loved ones getting well and living a good life. The most important disadvantage of the treatment technique against cancer is that they are not at all be used for making any type of vaccine. Has this cancer be virus based disease, then today we would have surely got a treatment to this disease and that treatment would have been totally permanent as vaccine offers total resistance against a particular disease.

The disease

Cancer is a disease that has been characterized by a good history behind it. This history is very much takes us back to the period of about 400 BC. The name has been derived with a reference to crab or the Latin word ‘karkinos’. It has been so named because the disease of cancer resembles the hard crust of the crab present over the top of the shell which is compared to the cluster of cells, commonly called as the tumor. Tumors are mainly of two types. They are the benign tumors and the malignant tumors. The benign tumors are the one those are very much dangerous but certainly it will not take any life out of the body. However the malignant tumors are the cancerous one. And it is very much hard also in its organization and arrangements. From then till now this disease is totally untouchable by the doctors. The main reason behind its incurability is that the disease is very much genetic on its every course and it operated on the basis of the activation of the cancer specific genes that are present in the body. The activation is done by the certain elements called as the mutagens.


What are these Mutagens? The mutagen is a substance that cause mutation of the gene and changes the genetic organization which in turn changes the genetic function of the body. Common mutagens are the UV ray, Cosmic Ray, tobacco, Carbon mono-oxide from smoke and spent fuel etc.

Treatment methods

Doctors always subject the patients suffering from cancer to chemotherapy at the first round. The chemotherapy is technique where different type of chemical are used just to burn the cells which are cancerous from inside.


There are many cancer treatment hospitals in India that offer these kind of facilities for the treatment of the cancer.

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