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In order to choose the perfect table skirt, you’ll have to give due consideration to factors such as the type and theme of the occasion, venue of the party, and overall seating arrangements. One of the most important criterions while deciding on a table skirt is the budget. Clarity on these aspects will help you select the best table skirt in terms of fabric, pleating and color. In all this, one thing that should be kept in mind is the duration for which you intend to use the table skirt. If you only need a table skirt for events such as weddings, conclaves, seminar or a conference, then there is no point in investing your money in buying one. For such occasions, you can simply get a table skirt on rent.

Besides social and professional engagements, table skirts can be used for home décor as well. In fact, table skirts designed to decorate homes enhance the elegance and appeal of the interior and can even add to their warmth. For home decorations, you can either choose a table skirt with geometric patterns or go for something that complements the theme of your living space. In fact, a handmade table skirt would convey a great deal about your eclectic taste and add to the quaint feel of your home. In terms of colors, go for neutral and warm ones as they make your home look much more inviting.

For wedding decorations, table skirts come in a variety of fashions and colors. Table skirts for weddings should have soft textures like the Poly Premier and Spun Poly. In order to impart a luxurious look, table skirts can be combined with Poly Stripe and fitted tablecloths. For the classic, rustic look, try using burlap. In terms of colors, you can choose anything that will add to the beauty of the occasion. While dark colors can add an air of elegance to any setting, lighter colors contribute to the jovial feel of the atmosphere. If you are planning to drape just a single table at the wedding, then place it around the wedding cake, as it is the quintessential centerpiece at any reception. Matching or contrasting tablecloths, runners, and overlays can help to coordinate your color scheme. All these requirements can be catered to by getting chair covers skirts on rental instead of splurging on them.

For professional engagements, table skirts are a must as they impart a formal look to any setting. With some creativity, the colors of table skirts can be used to reflect your company’s brand and its values. In fact, you can even get your company logo custom printed on the table skirts that are being used at any of your business events. For business events, make sure that you only use table skirts that are of commercial quality, have been treated for stains, and are wrinkle resistant. It is also advisable to use table skirts which are heavy in weight so that they are able to drape nicely.

If you’re a restaurant owner, caterer or plan to serve refreshments at your table, choose table skirts that are liquid repellent.  Also, try to get the ones that have been made from soil-release fabric. This will make the cleaning of dirt and weather-related grime relatively easier.

Now that we have dwelt upon the benefits of table skirts, let us look at the various table skirt fabrics that are available in the market:

  1. Polyester: Table skirts made from this synthetic fabric are relatively inexpensive. The best thing about a polyester table skirt is that it does not absorb liquids. This quality makes polyester table skirts ideal for occasions where you intend to serve food and drinks. These table skirts are also very handy if you have children eating at the table regularly.
  2. Plastic: Well, this is probably the cheapest table skirt that you can find in the market. It is a good product choice if durability is high on your concerns list. However, plastic table skirts are not suitable for important occasions such as weddings or for high profile business events.
  3. Linen: The USP of linen fabric is that it is extremely stretchable and flexible. So, even if your table skirt is not the exact same size as your table, you will still be able to stretch it and pull it all the way to the corners.

For pleating, the two most common styles are the Shirred and Box pleating:

Shirred pleating includes a series of narrow folds at the top that give the table skirt a gathered and bunched appearance as it drops to the floor. This is one of the most used pleating styles for weddings and other occasions of importance.

Box Pleat table skirts convey elegance. This pleating style gives your table a luxurious look. Each pleat in this table styling is approximately 4 inches wide. This gives each pleat a “boxed” look with crisp and defined edges.

Table skirts are undoubtedly the best way to enhance the appearance of any décor or setting. While you can purchase or stich your own skirt, availing a table skirt on rental is certainly the most economical and easiest way to get one.

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