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Hiring the right talent for your business is not a one-day job. It calls for lots of activities such as types of recruitment you need, sorting out job applications, choosing the right candidates, scheduling interviews, and much more.

Whether you’re on a lookout for domestic or international recruitment consultants, being aware of the recruitment or hiring process of top executive search firms in India can help you save on the bottom line. However, it’s important to mention here that the recruitment process depends on the company and what methods it chooses to find applicants for employment.

Here are some common steps to recruit or hire new employees. This applies to both – national and international hiring.

Recruiting Process

Before deciding to hire an applicant, the consulting firm goes through a step by step process. Usually, there are three phases of the process. They are:

  1. Human Resource Planning
  2. Recruitment
  3. Employee selection

Planning phase

HR planning includes settling on the number of employees the company is looking for, deciding the skill sets, eligibility.  Then, professionals discuss with the clients and compare their needs to the expected number of qualified candidates.


In this phase, recruiters reach a pool of candidates through job postings, advertisements, job referrals, and college campus recruitment, etc. Candidates responding to these measures are scheduled for interviews with the employer at the address mentioned by the employers. After the candidates qualify, the consultant company aligns second round of discussion for other assessment with the company. However, it depends on the company whether it wants or not the second round.

Employee Selection

This is the process handled by the consultant. In it, the recruiter sets a meeting with the employer to evaluate the information about the pool of applicants generated during the recruitment phase. After a successful assessment, the employers or the consultancy firms (depending on the employers) decide which applicant will be offered the position.

Steps for Hiring Process

Some of the actions taken by recruitment consultants include the following:

Scanning Job Listing Sites

Job seekers often create their profile on the job listing websites. So, consultant companies scan these sites, read the candidate profile, and compare it with the requirements. If the profile of the candidates matches the clients’ need, then candidates are contacted.  Some recruiters may schedule interviews online.

Posting Jobs Online:

Consultancy firms also post job requirements on their website as well as job boards and other third-party job sites. They are active online and respond to the candidate who applies for the job position.

Using LinkedIn:

Besides, personal website, and job portal sites, the recruiters may also post open positions on LinkedIn (a professional networking site). They may search LinkedIn to find the right candidates to recruit. There are certain groups on this professional networking site. HR professionals use it to find the right talent.

Social Recruiting:

Social recruiting is another way of searching applications to recruit. If a consultant doesn’t find a suitable candidate for the client, then he/she goes for social networking platforms for sourcing candidates. These social recruiting platforms are Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. They search for candidates with the right skills and talent they are looking for. In some cases, many recruiters use mobile apps of these networking sites for the recruitment. On the micro-blogging site like Twitter, they tweet job listings and source candidates to hire.

Job Application Process:

At this phase, professionals at recruitment agencies check the information on the entire job application such as applying for jobs, applicant testing, resumes and cover letters, interviewing, background and reference checks.

Interview Process:

This includes giving a call to the applicant and schedule his or her interview with the employers. Many employers, as mentioned above, have different hiring processes. They may take several rounds of interview. Till the candidate is not selected, the consultant takes follows up reschedule the meeting. The interview process includes the following steps:

Screening Interview

In this process, the consultant determines whether the applicants have the right skills required by the employers.  It is typically the first interview in the hiring process.

Phone Interview

In it, the recruiter calls candidates via his or her phone and identifies and recruits candidates for face to face round. This interview is used to curtail the pool of applicants who are invited for face to face interviews. Phone, Skype, or video interview is majorly used for candidates in other city or country.

With such a lengthy hiring process, hiring candidates seems a more laborious task than it sounds. These are some of the typical steps of top executive search firms in India to help you recruit the right applicants. However, the process may differ, depending on the recruitment agency you choose for your company.

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