Having a set of online payment gateways matters a lot in your Magento website. An e-commerce site with the specific payment modes which shoppers look for holds the success for your online store. Without a proper channel of payments, customers will feel hassle how to buy a product unless you offer cash on delivery. But most of the online business holder don’t prefer COD (cash on delivery) as a payment method due to many reasons. So, in this case, online payments are the best options left with e-shopping sites.

But before proceeding further about the best payment gateways in Magento store, let’s see what online payment is and how it works?…

Payment gateways work through an automated software that made transactions between shopper and seller. These automated systems securely transmit and authorize amount information from your bank. These gateways also added an extra layer of security to online transfer of the money with data encryptions.

A single flaw in the processing of payment will become a disaster for your business. That’s why choosing a good payment gateway software is really matters if you are running an e-commerce store. Let’s check what are most popular payment gateways is in trend:-



Undoubtedly, the most preferred gateway that is also widely in use is PayPal. It’s not one of the most popular but also a reliable source that is accepted by millions of online business owners. The “Payment Pro” by PayPal is a successful attempt for the e-shopping business holders who don’t necessarily hold PayPal account for their payment processing service. Payment Pro is also an epitome of secure checkouts with end-to-end supports different credit cards/ debit cards with flexibility.



SecurePay is one of the most trustworthy gateways that offer a simple and secure shopping cart with easily accessible mobile payments, electronic checks, credit/debit card payments to online Magento store holders. SecurePay’s easy shopping cart solutions are very affordable for shop owners. On the other hand, they are able to store customer’s information through SSL.


Payline Data:-

The Payline Data gives e-commerce and apps built-in security and fraud protection in its payment gateway. The role of this payment plugin offers an easy and smooth experience to customers which optimize your payments and lower the costs. This is not only perfect for one’s business but also turn your payment faster and more convenient.


Amazon Payments:-

This payment channel specifically helps merchants on Amazon. Amazon Payments is fast, reliable and easy to use which makes you good profit. It has two different payment packages both for merchants and customers. First is Pay with Amazon – this is for merchants and the second one is Login and Pay – this is for the shoppers. This results in less cart abandonment and increases shopper loyalty.



This is another preferred gateway of payments most of Magento development companies recommend. It can be used with a variety of payment options such as Visa, DISCOVER, Mastercard and much more. The most stress-free feature of this gateway that it eliminates the need for SSL certificates. Authorize.Net is a perfect match for small and mid-sized e-stores.



This new e-commerce payment gateway has quickly risen the ranks in a really short time span. With its scalability and efficiency, it helps in customizing the payment flow for delivering better user experience. This grows its popularity among some of the technologically advanced brands and increased conversations on their Magento Store.


What are the Pros and Cons of Payment Gateways:-

Every payment gateway has its own pros and cons which can affect your Magento e-commerce store. Just like not a single gateway is sufficient for your store, the multiple comes with little difficulty and to manage them need lots of consideration and effective team management. It is good for your business as well as can affect badly if not handled properly. So, Whenever you draw a list of gateways you plan to work with you should know the upsides and downsides of these payment plugins. let’s check below what are pros and cons:-



  • Payment Gateways are one of the prior necessities if you are planning to enter the international market. Your Magento store must need to accept payments in all currencies as well as from all countries.
  • If you are using two or more payment gateways in your Magento store, there is a chance to get customer more protection in case one of those fails.
  • A good payment gateway lessens the risk of cybercrime and with enhanced data security you can achieve more and more customer satisfaction. On the other hand, integrating two or more payment gateways in your Magento store reduce the risk of losing sales.



  • Dividing your sales among multiple payment channels make it harder to balance the volume of discounts with each provider. For small businesses and start-ups, this might be an issue to be considered which may lessen the traffic on their store.
  • Any drawback in gateway channel can affect the payment integrity. In the case, you need effective management and must be meticulous about user-account.



An effective payment gateway is a need for any e-commerce store’s success. Without payment gateways, a Magento e-store cannot achieve its targeted sales. These gateways help customers in a faster and easier way to pay out for their purchased products which are beneficial for your store. Apart from the above-mentioned list of gateways, there are multiple other service providers that offer you cost-effective secure services. You can choose the best with little research on the security essentials they provide as the payment data security is the most important factor in any e-store payment gateway.


Although each payment gateway has its own advantages and disadvantages, you need all into consideration to put the best into your Magento website development. The most considered essentials of any payment gateway have cost, security and its capabilities to handle payments through different channels. It is advisable to add two or more gateways in your e-commerce platform to not hassle customer’s payments through cards, e-wallets or any other electronic mode.


Author Bio: Paul Henry is an experience-driven web developer at Clap Creative – LA-based leading web design company with a career spanning in Magento Website Development. Paul believes that bad customer experiences are toxic to our social fabric. In this article, he highlighted the payment gateways and their need in Magento e-store for better customer experience. He has an immense interest in writing technical content that is related to e-commerce plugins, themes, extensions, and other related necessities. Paul used his experience in writing this article for the users to get the best of knowledge about the payment gateways and their relationship with e-stores.

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