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Morocco is the land which endures the beauty of calmness and peace in its very natural and organic way. This land is multi generic it not only holds the treasures for the travellers who want to spend some time with themselves and their isolations but gives them a way to keep spirituality through the historical places it has stored for them. There are many times when we don’t like to invite anyone’s company while we wander but ourselves and try to travel solo in your Morocco Holidays. This solo travelling is a beautiful term which needs to be recognized by all of us, Solo travelling is not referred to travelling alone but travelling with the most wonderful person on this planet and its no one else but you yourself!

I am also a solo traveller and there comes a time of the year where I take a break from my family and job and utilize this time for my personal adventure to the peaceful lands on earth. Morocco is the best place for tourists and family holidays but here is the bigger news, there are beautiful towns in Morocco which satisfies the need of peace and as a solo traveller, your priority should be visiting these towns. These towns are the centre of Morocco tourist attraction especially the solo tourist like myself. This blog is specially written for all those crazy tourists who love to experience the unseen and untold beauty of all the regions in this world. So I present the small towns in Morocco which we all solo travellers must visit to enhance the quality of love we have for peace and simplicity.

  • TaroudantTaroudant

This city of South Morocco give you the proper old nostalgic feels of Berber era. This old city holds the heritage of simplicity and chunks of it depicts this beautifully. The sous valley of Southern Morocco has been successful in attracting the people all around the world since the 16th century, you can see the history of this city mentioned on the dramatic walls which still holds the surrounding of this city. This city deserves a visit to all those who like to discover the old time and their sensations. Apart from the age of this city what makes this city worth a visit are the carpet markets which are not only famous national but internationally as well. These markets have the most beautiful embroidered carpets are also a major part of Morocco tourist attraction.

  • ChefchaouenChefchaouen

This city is located in the Rif mountain range of North Morocco. The most famous blue houses which strike in contrast with the green scenery of the mountains. This place will display the different aspect of Morocco, the beauty of all the houses and their blur colour will give you the best ambience overall. These homes seem to be the part of a fictional movie where all the homes are in the mountain establishing the contrast of blue and green. The main centre of the city represents the decent Islamic and Andalusian architecture, which makes this city as an utterly pure form of simple Morocco.

  • AsilahAsilah

Don’t know why but al the seaside town attracts my soul and I know those who are solo travellers like me will also like the seaside ambience of Asilah, which is bounded by the sea in a –particular way that the waves of the seas will hit your window. This rich history of this city is reported from the 16th century when it was the basic and major route used by the Phoenicians for trade. This city was later on captures and possessed by Portuguese and then in the 17th century, this city came under the rule of Morocco. Now the multicentered history gives us a reason to visit this beautiful city and feel flowing with the waves of the sea.

  • EssaouiraEssaouira

This beautiful city is placed On the west coast of Morocco. This city is known as the secret keeper of Morocco and the city which attract most of the tourist in Morocco due to its coulo0rful nature. The boats and the houses are painted in different colours and the sun rises beautifully in this city. The tourist comes here and enjoys the pretty sunshine and culture of Morocco. Markets of this city are also multicoloured, You need to buy stuff from these markets and enjoy shopping traditional things of Morocco.

  • IfraneIfrane

For those who love to see the surprises must visit the most surprising city of Morocco. Though this city reflects as the Swiss mountain village this city holds the Morrish culture and the desert village of the country. This is recognized when you reach this city, from a distance to the interface the change of ambience will definitely leave you startled. Moreover, the modern aesthetic is felt like a part of the postcolonial effect by the French, as they built this town for taking rest in Summers. This town also holds the modernized parks and amusement parks which are also the gift of French colonialism.

  • MeknesMeknes

We all know that there are many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Morocco and do you know that the city which I am going to explain to you now is one of those sites itself! Amazing face about Meknes is that this city is all about the fortified walls and the attracting monuments. This historical city includes all the beautiful monuments which are preserved for the tourist, you can’t have enough of the beautiful history on this city. Once you start discovering this city you will come across the Dar El Makhzen palace and the numerous mosques, hammams and gardens which decorate the streets. This modern yet old, Spanish-Moorish styles grabs the attention with its personified Islamic and European-inspired architecture all around the city.

  • MerzougaMerzouga

The dessert of Sahra and Southern Morocco holds this utterly beautiful city with the ravishing beauty of Sahara and the mysterious beauty of the desert. The soft isolated waves in this city itself depict the strong and beautiful solitude of this city. One can never imagine the peak of this city’s beauty during the sunrise and dusk. This city is the most recommended one for all the people who adore the beautiful movement of the sun and like to capture the most interesting pictures.

  • OuarzazateOuarzazate

This city is not just a city but the wonderful view for all those who have seen Hollywood films such as Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Gladiator (2000) and The Mummy (1999). When people enter this city they see the nostalgic moments in their mind which tell them that they have seen this city in these films and have wondered where in the world such historical and enchanted heaven exist? For all those guys this heaven is in Morocco, boarded by the Atlas mountains and the Sahara desert. This city is the deadly combination of dessert and mountains altogether. The studios which turn Morocco to small Egypt are Ait Benhaddou, Atlas Studios, which evolve Ouarzazate into the mystical land of Egypt.

These all cities are the depiction of how peace prevails in the land of Morocco, one can never have enough of this country and it’s beautiful places. This is the reason why one should at least try to search the ways to visit it isolatedly.

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