Pre leased properties in Faridabad

A pre leased property means that it is a property which is chartered to a company and then it is sold to a client including the rent. Now, the purchaser of the property is ensured with the ROI or the return of investments from the very first day.

This ROI is designed in the form of rental revenues as the lease act is also transferred to their name. These days, there have been a lot of investments in pre leased properties in Faridabad. Here are a few importance of these properties.

  • A pre leased asset actually persuades all the clients with a zero waiting period for the ROI to begin. The pre leased investments offer some capital gratitude over a proper span of time. This also provides the clients with an immovable rental revenue which has a good turnout. . Due to these advantages individuals and corporate investors prefer to buy commercial pre leased properties over unrented assets.
  • Commercial sectors also extend loans which can range up to 90 percent of the price of the estate and as a method it simplifies a faster and uninterrupted buying procedure. The high net worth individuals definitely prefers investing their money is a proper pre leased estate as they are assured of a shorter time in processing. The commercial estates provide a high rental output which ranges from 9 to 15 percent while all the residential estates offer 3 to 6 percent as rental revenue.
  • There is no ambiguity that real estate grips the greatest interests for UHNIs. These pre leased properties offer fixed profit. Here, the target is to rent out the quality tenants, draw less income over a 3 to 5 years time period and finally exit with a balanced to high capital acknowledgement.
  • There are mainly 2 types of commercial estates. The premier ones are the lease hold that usually provided by the government organisations and they are chartered to the buyer generally for a time period of 99 years and it can be extendable further. Thus the buyer actually owns the rights to utilise the property. This is an instance of buying an estate without actually owing it. The client has confined authorities on what to do with the properties. The other one is a free hold property. Here, the purchaser becomes the license holder of the property and also of the land where the property stands. This provides more authority and responsibility to the land owner.

In order to get a good pre leased property one needs to keep certain things in mind. Location is the major aspect when it comes to pre leased properties. It is very important for both the purchaser and the realtor. Due to this, the rental earnings will be high and it will appeal to premium quality renters who can take up these premises. The quality and category of the premise is another major parameter. Good standard of design and architecture are main factors which benefit in capital approval.

There are many pre leased property consultants in Faridabad who can be of help.

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