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These days you will get the flat plate and the tubular batteries in the market. These two types of batteries people prefer. If you want buy tubular battery online. It is a type of lead acid batteries in which the electrode is not in a grid form. It is like a comb which holds the positive materials.

Buy tubular battery online India is possible because the rate in an e-commerce website is always less than what you will get from the local market. If you place the order today you will get it within a week or two. From the website they will send a professional technician who will come to your place and fix the tubular batter. He will also tell you how to use it. With it you will get a guarantee card and a warranty card. If there is a problem with the batteries let them know immediately they will send a person to repair it. They will also send someone once a month or once in six months for its regular check up.

Now let us discuss how it is made up of? The tubes present in a tubular batter is more complex in design and it is made in a different manner altogether. The manufacturing process is totally different from other batteries. The grid which is present consists of 15 parallel lead spines which are cast into bars or rods. There is also a lead alloy which has 6 to 10% of antimony. There are also few parallel porous glass fibre tubes with the grid spines. The lead oxides which are present are converted into lead sulphate, this happens because it is soaked in a dilute sulphuric acid.

Once you buy tubular battery online you will surely recommend it to your family and friends just because of its service. Tubular batteries are much better than normal batteries. Let us now discuss the benefits of these batteries. They are:-

  1. Its performance is decent and works better than normal ones.
  2. Since it has flat panel batteries in it so it lasts for a longer period of time. And if you can maintain it properly then it will serve you for 10 to 12 years.
  3. Anyone can rely on tubular batteries more than normal flat plate batteries.
  4. This is best for the UPS inverters.
  5. The most notable feature of it is these batteries charge up very fast.
  6. If you compare with flat plate batteries then this has got long standby life.
  7. It performs consistently under any circumstances or situations. Hence these batteries are suitable for sensitive or heavy applications.
  8. Last but not the least it does not require high maintenance expenditure. You do not need to fill with distilled water very day. In that way you will be saving money.

In few developing countries or less develop countries power cut is a big problem, so it is better to buy this as a backup. Power fluctuation can happen any moment.

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