preparation for the GRE Exam

Those planning to sit for the GRE exam are likely to have plenty of questions in their mind for which they seek clarifications. One such common question asked is how to prepare for the tough GRE exam and get high scores. Taking help of the leading coaching centers can help the candidate to know what needs to be done and avoided, so as to take the correct and most appropriate approach.

About GRE

The GRE is actually a computer based exam, qualifying which, the candidate is eligible to pursue Masters at foreign colleges. The GRE general test has three sections in it, which needs to be attempted like Analytical writing, Quantitative and Verbal section. This exam is very much similar to that of the college level tests such as SAT. There are also included different subjects in the exam. Scoring high, the students become eligible to apply for scholarships, thus saving good amount of money. The top coaching centers can provide the best gre prep in Bangalore.

What should be the candidate’s LOR, his/her skills, achievements and attitude?

Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is to be written by a known person. It needs to be someone who is well acquainted with the candidate’s skill set or academic potential. The LOR rather need to be derived from the HoD of the university or college the student is presently studying or from lecturers/professors. Working professionals can get their LOR from their team leads and managers. The LOR needs to clearly define the individual’s skill set, virtues and how the person fits perfectly for the specialization/program. Besides the SOP, the LOR is the other option present to create strong impression before the admission committee. The ideal LOR is one that helps to showcase the candidate’s skill set and attitude and how passionate he/she is in the area of expertise as well as how well the person gets along with the others.

Different questions provided in GRE Verbal

Verbal reasoning section comprises of three question types, namely:

  • Reading Comprehension: A passage will be provided that is to be carefully gone through and comprehended. Depending on the passage, the questions are to be answered correctly. The RC questions have been divided further.
    • Select in passage questions: The candidate is to select sentence/portion of the passage, which best describes the question.
    • Multiple questions having one/more answers: Three options are provided, from where the candidate is to select 1, 2 or all three options as the correct ones. Partial questions are not provided any marks.
    • Multiple choice questions having one answer: It is necessary to select one out of five choices.
  • Sentence equivalence: Once choice is provided with empty/blank space to be filled. Two correct options are to be selected out of 6. No marks get awarded for all correct partial answers.
  • Text completion: Group of 5 sentences having 1-3 empty spaces are to be filled up. Three choices are provided for each empty space or blanks and for one blank is given five choices. No points awarded to partial correct answers.

The gre tutor Bangalore can help the stunts to prepare properly and thoroughly for the exam.

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