Blockchain development in today’s world can kickstart one’s career in technology and IT with the escape velocity of a rocket ship. Being a crucial as well as complicated technology, the demand of Blockchain developers around the world is not meeting the availability.  According to TechCrunch, there are 14 job openings for each blockchain developer and blockchain related fields are the second-fastest growing in the present day’s labour market.

In this article, you will find the Skills and knowledge required, the ways to find relevant learning resources, How can you make money as a blockchain developer and several other important things to become successful at blockchain development.

The required Skills and Knowledge for Blockchain Development

  • Basics of Bitcoin and Ethereum: Understanding the Basics of Bitcoin and Ethereum is the most important and first step in Basics of Blockchain development. For acquiring this knowledge, the best resources are reading whitepaper and watching youtube videos. For starting with books, there is “Mastering Bitcoin: Unlocking Digital Cryptocurrencies” by Andreas Antonopoulos.
    For Ethereum, especially, the Youtube channel by Vitalik Buterin is a critically helpful resource. As the beginning in programming with Ethereum is the Ethereum client itself. The most popular to work with are Geth and Parity.
  • Understanding various Blockchains and Smart contracts: The next step is to learn about what are the types of Blockchains out there and their specific use cases for Public Blockchains, Private Blockchains and Consortium Blockchains.
  • Learning Solidity and Truffle: Solidity is Ethereum’s language developed for Smart contracts especially and Truffle is an Ethereum Platform. Solidity is quite similar to Javascript hence it is pretty easy to understand.
  • Importance of Python, Java and C++: If your end goal is developing dapps, then don’t spend much time around solidity. It is a rather straightforward language and any developers can easily grasp it from the first use. And the codebase written in Solidity for the entire Dapp is a small fraction, which is used majorly in Smart contracts. Your knowledge about other programming languages is paramount here. Because the code of Dapps can be written in either Java, Python or C++. Therefore, it is wise to put efforts into perfecting these languages as well.
  • Learn about Data Structures: If you’re planning to start working as a Blockchain developer, it is essential for you to have knowledge about data structures like Stack, Queue, Tree, Hashmaps and Linkedin list.

Additionally, the source code of Bitcoin is open and you can practically play around it and if you succeed in contributing something, you will get credentials to work upon almost every other project in the entire Blockchain industry. You can also try and learn about distributed ledger protocols or build your own Blockchain application.

Finding the relevant resources for learning about Blockchain technology

  • Finding Ethereum: Sources such as Lynda, YouTube videos, GitHub are perfect for learning about Ethereum.

    Following are the sources outside Ethereum’s Ecosystem on Lynda:

    Programming Fundamentals
    Git Essential Training
    Foundational Data Structures
    Refactoring Code
    JavaScript Essential Training
    Discrete Mathematics

    Sources inside Ethereum’s ecosystem:

    Introduction to smart contract
    Blockchain/Smart contracts 101
    Tim Coulter’s Truffle videos
    Hitchhiker’s guide to DApp development.
    Learn Solidity in Y minutes
    Ethereum-Mist Walkthroughs

How to make money as a Blockchain Developer:

  • As a Blockchain developer, you will have options to go for Big enterprises or special startups. The most fiercely Blockchain enabled industries include, the private sector, tech firms, government services, consulting firms, etc.
  • With the rising bloom in Blockchain technology in the world, there is a considerable rise in the number of specialized job sites for Blockchain like BlockchainJobz.
  • For landing a great job in the field of Blockchain development, the ownership of authentic and relevant certification and Proven experience in the same field matters a lot. The start of your blockchain portfolio can be the contribution to any number of open-source projects. Then gaining a certificate in C++ and then getting certified in Hyperledger platform can be a solid step in building a good portfolio.
  • You can also try Freelancing. According to Upwork, one of the largest Freelancing platforms, Skills related to blockchain development were the highest in demand during the first quarter of 2018.
  • Another way to go is to Creating your own startup or a cryptocurrency. A platform named OpenZeppelin allows the developers to launch Ethereum tokens with only a few lines of code, but to raise actual money via an ICO requires your startup to have some monetary value.
  • Building a DApp and monetizing it can be another way to go. There are various ways to monetize your DApp like taking a royalty at each transaction fee, making a crowdsale, selling advertisements, etc.

There are several other things that you need to take care of once you get into the Blockchain development business. One most important is to get a strong foothold in economics because, after all, cryptocurrencies are a part of the world economy and it is as crucial to learn that, as it is to develop it.
Another crucial thing is to build on your networking. Networking is very important to land a job as well as to get some feedback on your recent projects from more experienced developers.

This is a time taking and patience eating process because learning about a new technology is not an overnight task. And the more persistent you’ll be, the farther you’ll go.

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