web hosting services in India

Discovering all hosting choices available in the market can influence your market success. From SEO disasters that may wait to happen to server specifications, everything matters for the growth of your business.  Read on to improve your marketing approach through better web hosting decisions.

web hosting in India

Marketing Objectives

The real objectives of marketing are to expose your messages to the largest audience possible, drawing in visitors to who come to your website, turning them into paying customers and keeping them year after year. Your aim should not be to be perfect to make millions to outperform your competition. You should be focused on being better than the completion.

A large number of websites are struggling to decipher the Google ranking algorithm. Many are busy in demand generation, nurturing, lead capture, conversion rate operation and much more. It’s pretty crucial for them to avoid any pitfalls and enjoy the successes that can come from putting this knowledge into practice. To achieve this, most marketers focus on essential hosting features when looking out for web hosting services in India or anywhere on the planet.

Hosting Features

When you choose any hosting plan at web hosting companies in India, you should look at:

  • Cost / Price
  • Specifications
  • Performance
  • Dependability
  • Support
  • Managed Services

It’s important to learn that many hosting providers can offer you cheap and unmanaged hosting, but you need to search for reliable, high-value, reasonable, high-performance hosting. Make sure minimum specifications – 2GB RAM, 60GB Drive, 2TB XFER, 2IP IPV4, cPanel or DirectAdmin, fully managed MGT and fully automated BACKUP.

Here are the details of specifications.


Since you’re going to choose a hosting provider, it’s important to know that the hosting requirements of basic HTML/CSS websites are different from a massive eCommerce shop like Magento.

However, at a good hosting company, you can find salespeople who can assist you in selecting the perfect hosting plan.

When you compare plans of many providers, make sure to compare available memory provided by each service provider.  In general, for a VPS, there’s little point in running one with under 2GM of RAM. When you go down to 1GB or 1.5GB, you may need to sacrifice some features.


Drive or storage size is another critical aspect to look into. When choosing a drive, rest assured to compare like to like. There’s a major difference in performance between local hard disk drives (5400 RPM IDE, 7200 RPM, 10000 RPM SCSI, +++), network file systems (SAN, NAS, NFS), and solid state disk drives (SSD). Going for 1 TB of poor performing hard drive space is not better than 100 GB of ultra-fast SSD. For high performing hardware, choose SSD.

Storage Type

Most desktop computers don’t trust RAID (a redundant array of independent disks). Nowadays most all server environments do so. Different types of the RAID are available in the market. If your downtime is hardly a matter for you in case a drive fails, then have great backups you can rely on. In that case, RAID 0 can be the right choice for you.

If you have 2 drives with precisely the same data being written to them, then you may have that piece of mind. However, if in case you don’t need a fast website for your users, then maybe RAID 1 can be your piece of cake. According to expert hosting companies, RAID 10 is the best solution that gives you speed and redundancy.

Network Speed

Network speed (transfer per second) is another essential thing to take into account in web hosting services in India. Almost a decade ago, only 10 Mbit/s network cards were popular among most hosting environments.

Massive images and videos were not as important as today. So, slow speed was not an issue for most visitors.

The time has changed now and can easily help several real-time users with that connection speed. Nowadays, businesses (large or small) are putting put gigabytes of video on their websites. It simultaneously pushes the envelope with larger and larger image sizes, and quantities. If you have a small website, then 100 Mbit/s can work for you. If faster speed is required as you are a large corporate hosting, then 1 Gbit/s is a perfect choice.

Before, making a deal with any web hosting company in India, be sure you are checking this.

Control Panel

Control Panel, which you can use as cPanel. It may be that you don’t get a control panel access with VPS or dedicated server, the control panel is an absolute must as it can save your time and effort. It’s important to look for web hosting companies in India that guarantee to offer you your favorite control panel. Also, remember that no company costs extra for the control panel. The cost should be included in your hosting plan price. Always look for a standard control panel such as cPanel.

Final Words

These are some of the things you need to take into account when contracting with a hosting provider company in India. However, there are many other aspects you shouldn’t overlook. We will discuss those points in our next blog post. So, keep visiting this site to learn about them. Once you consider all the aspects, you can find the right web hosting services in India. To know those factors, be sure to read our next blog.

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