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Just learning about the fact that there is something wrong with your brain, spinal cord or nervous system can scare the daylights out of you. You don’t want anything to go wrong with you or your loved ones just because you were not careful enough before selecting the Neurosurgeon. Therefore, you should follow these tips to find the perfect neurosurgeon.

1. References are a must

When looking for a Neurosurgeon, you should collect ample references from your primary doctor, friends, family and others who have been through a neurological surgery in the past. Take your time and research well on the best neurologist in Delhi NCR that you can trust. Go through sites, forums, and other publications, which tell you about the credentials and experience of these doctors. Make a list, narrow it down and make calls to fix appointments. Once the appointment is fixed, you can interview the surgeon.

2. Research Credentials Thoroughly

It is necessary that you do a thorough research about the credentials i.e. the board certification, skills, experience, and training required to perform a neurosurgery. If something goes wrong during this kind of surgery, it is very easy for a regular neurosurgeon to get away with it. This is so because arbitration against them is quite lenient. For your own safety, you should conduct a background check regarding the medical school, training, certification and disciplinary history.

3. Consider Experience

Experience, without a doubt, is important for a neurosurgeon. Whether the surgeon is the best neurologist in Delhi or the world, the experience is a must have because the doctor is going to operate upon the most crucial parts of your nervous system. So, the more experience the neurosurgeon has, the more are the chances of getting expected results. Plus, if you are aware of the procedure that you require to undergo, ask them how many times they have performed the procedure, and don’t hesitate to ask for testimonials too.

4. Be Gender Specific

Gender, though not important as an indicator of expertise, you should look for one according to your comfort. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that you will have to disclose a lot of information about your personal life; hence, it is important that the doctor of a gender you are more comfortable with. Secondly, Neurosurgery procedures can be gender specific as well. Therefore, prefer a doctor who can differentiate between the neurological conditions of men and women.

5. Research about the Quality of the Hospital

When looking at a neurosurgeon from a specific hospital, make sure that you are satisfied with the care provided by the hospital, its location, and aftermath of the operation. Make sure that your insurance works well in that hospital. Neurological surgeries can be complicated and aftercare is extremely important after you have gone through one. So, if you have found a neurologist in Delhi who suits the above criteria well, this will keep you from falling for a hospital which is far out of reach of your visitors.

Now, you can use the above tips to find the perfect neurosurgeon anywhere in the world or a neurosurgeon in Delhi to get yourself treated by the right hands.


Neurosurgeons can play a very important role in matters of life and death. Therefore, if you are suffering from a disorder, which might require you to go under the knife for brain, nerves, or the spinal cord, follow the above tips to find the best Neurosurgeon.

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