flood damage restoration in Lexington SC

A fire disaster is the most dangerously chaotic calamity that can burn down everything within the time period of a few minutes. It is not easy to overcome a fire although it demands immediate action. The most horrifying thing about a water damage is that it is not only deadly for the property but also for the lives of the inhabitants. The burning flames of the fire leave an overwhelming and shocking effect on the minds of the sufferers. If you have faced the same disturbing situation or if you know someone who has, you should definitely have some knowledge of how you can seek help from the restoration companies. Following is a detailed description of the procedural methodology of the fire damage restoration in Lexington SC.

Evacuation of the Property

It is the major sign of a professional fire damage restoration services that the team tries to evacuate the area from all the inhabitants. You will notice that they will recommend you to stay away from the area when you call them for the rescue. As soon as they reach, they will make sure that the property is empty of any resident and that everyone is safe from the damage.

Prevention of Further Damage

For the prevention of further damage, the restoration team then turns off all the electric and gas connection to your property because when the fire extinguisher leaves after extinguishing the fire, your house is filled with water. You are now automatically in a need for a flood damage restoration in Lexington SC. The team will first remove all the water from the house and then start the project. After that, they will inspect the house and make sure that there is no exposed wires, hanging chandelier, or a broken staircase that can fall down anytime. They remove any such thing and then move further.

Cleaning the Smoke and Soot

Once the water is removed, the technicians will use proper deodorizers and air-purifiers so that the smoke clouds will vanish and the burning smell of the wires, plastic, and other material will be neutralized. The sanitization of your house is necessary because the smoke and soot can cause serious breathing issues and allergies like coughing and sneezing.

The Cleanup

The fire has obviously derived you of so many of your possessions but you can still fix the remaining ones with professional help. The restoration team in Lexington SC will clean all the things in your house. The restoration company will wash your carpets, furniture, curtains, clothes, mattresses and sanitize them so that you may be able to use them again.

The Final Restoration

When the house is under the restoration process, all the furniture is stored aside in order to save them from any additional damage. When all the cleaning is completed, your property gets renovated. All the walls and the structure of your house gets badly ruined due to the fire. Your hired team will provide you with a proper consultation on the restoration and also about the different precautions you can take in order to prevent such dreadful accidents from happening again.

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