apps to boost student productivity

Studying might be one activity that remains subjective for students across the globe.

Some may find it enjoyable owing to the new things they learn, others would deem it necessary if they wish to pass their classes in the semester while a huge majority would find it rather taxing and arduous.

Indeed, by the time school opens just right after the last vestiges of summer has faded, quite a lot of students would find it difficult to start getting back on track. Most of them would be struggling in making a functional and realistic study timetable considering the summer inertia that has left them rather unwilling to do any schoolwork.

While the resultant lethargy from the seasonal shift from summer to study would be understandable, a prolonged one can truly hurt a student’s grades. If he or she does nothing to improve their study habits, they might find themselves failing their classes—or worse, the semester. Luckily, with technology’s unique and modern innovations, apps were developed and designed specifically with student productivity in mind.

Not only would these apps make studying more fun, but it also ensures that they would maximize their productivity and teach them time-management skills as well. While technically not considered as one, it might even be argued that these apps take part in a student’s essential educational supplies.

In any case, if you have been wondering how to stay on top of your busy class schedule and submit all the necessary classwork in time, here are some of the best apps designed just for students like you:

1.) iStudiez Pro

If there is at least one app every student should have, it should definitely be iStudiez Pro. Acknowledged as the ultimate class and homework planner, the iStudiez Pro app allows students to map out their study timetables and schedules. In fact, meticulous students who wish to follow a strict schedule would not be able to live without this app. It manages class schedules, upcoming tests, and homework and teacher contacts for the user. Consider it as a multifaceted to-do list that has wonderfully integrated a school-specific calendar into the app.

2.) Documents

If you wish to have an easier access to all of your files and annotate your PDF’s easily, Documents is a free app you can really take advantage of.  More often than not, keeping track where specific documents and files are can be a little confusing—especially if you are using multiple services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Luckily, Documents is an app that consolidates them to show you everything all in one place. Moreover, you can annotate PDFs, read e-books and browse photos.

3.) Wunderlist

Considered as the best to-do list app, there are plenty of reasons why you need this if you are a student. It has a little bit of everything and has most of the advantages students could really use. In fact, Wunderlist serves a utilitarian purpose not only for students but for employees as well. It allows users to make multiple lists, create reminders and even collaborate with other users as regards projects.

4.) Scanner Pro

More of an eco-friendly app than anything else, Scanner Pro is an excellent app if you wish to go paperless. It effectively turns your smartphones into a portable scanner and would help you scan any document from receipts to notes with just your phone’s camera. The app would then save it as a PDF.  As cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox are compatible, you can take advantage of them and store your scanned PDFs there. All PDFs saved are editable which makes it easy for you to annotate.

5.) RefMe

One of the most challenging things to do as a student is make research papers. To make that even more difficult, professors would usually require you to attach a bibliography at the end of your paper. Unfortunately, most students have never mastered the skill of creating bibliographies. Lucky for you, a nifty app has been created precisely to address this predicament. You simply use your phone camera to scan a book’s barcode and create a citation formatted in whatever format your school uses.

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