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Calligraphy means beautiful handwriting in various styles with different point of nibs. The term is derived from the Greek language. “Kalli” means beautiful and “graphia” means writing.

Handwriting is a process of writing with a pen, pencil, or any other instrument and this art, skill, and manner of beautiful writing is termed as penmanship. There are two types of handwriting, one in which the successive letters are joined is called cursive script, and the other in which the letters are separated is called printing or manuscript style. Writing beautifully and in artistic design has become a base to earn today from the home. There are people who would like keep one busy and have hand in good strokes prefers to join the handwriting classes to learn and further handwriting improvement.

The same way, calligraphy has also provided a good base to pocket one. Today, where each living includes designing in it, the art of calligraphy has also served to design with various fonts. In this article, let’s focus on some of the types of most beautiful calligraphic fonts.


  • LAMER PEN —-It is the style named after Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar. It is one of the classic and stunning font styles of hand-writing. When the letters are joined together in his font style, looks remarkably awesome and it blows classic and stunning affects.


  • FRENCH KISS—-This font style is much different from many as its writing separates the letters and it has broader strokes. It has limited cursive points and twists. It is best chosen for writing any invitation card.
  • POEM SCRIPT PRO—-This is one of the POEM SCRIPT PRObest font styles and is mostly preferred for writing poems. It covers the thin cursive lines and defines the unique strokes. This is the collection from the American Pen Script Style in 19th century.  
  • QASKIN BLACK PERSONAL USE FONT—-This font being the superior stylised fonts is trusted by numerous designers. The arrangements of upper and lower case are planned and throw the awesome artistic look in writing.
  • LD WEDDINGLD WEDDING—-This font style in calligraphy is inspired by Engraver’s Old English Font. The beautiful collection of the letter forms of this font style has made it popular for using it in wedding invitation since 19th
  • ALWAYS PROALWAYS PRO—-Lots of curls and highly decorated, this calligraphic font is a family of six distinct styles and is designed by Anton Scholtz. The family different styles in it is inclusive of regular, light dense standard, normal, dark, fat, and condensed light.
  • PERFUMERIE SCRIPT PROPERFUMERIE SCRIPT PRO—-This is one other beautifully designed by Sabrina Lopez. She has put effort in to bring out the stylish and classical calligraphic details. Its font style is based on author’s own calligraphy and available of 2500 glyphs (a hieroglyphic character/symbol). It is a unique calligraphic font style.
  • BALQIS—-This is specially used when anything needs artistically designed such as any book cover, or project. This is simply written, but still beautifully appears without focusing any formality.BALQIS
  • EDWARDIAN SCRIPT ITCEDWARDIAN SCRIPT ITC—-It is one of the most stylish calligraphic fonts which define lots of cursive details. The letterforms are very sophisticated. It can be chosen to design for wedding or any other event invitation cards. The characters seem as if written with pointed steel pen.
  • HUMMING BIRDHUMMING BIRD—-It also covers many cursive details and is the old fashioned stylish scripts. The letters when joined shows the uniformity, discipline and attractive vision.
  • DOM LOVES MARRY—-This font symbols the life and beauty together and DOM LOVES MARRYis a tribute to Debi Sementelli’s in-laws Dom and his wife. This font creates in design a style and uniqueness both.


Calligraphy and handwriting, both are in demand today. But, calligraphy has much better scope. Today’s generation are fascinated to the artistic writing styles, and thus, approaching the calligraphy classes for better learning. Calligraphy is becoming the ultimate choice in career for the creative and artistic minds. It is nothing more than designing the alphabets with unique curves and thickening the lines using the various tips of pens, and brushes.

There have introduced many institutes to provide the complete study and trained the good practice in calligraphy.

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  1. Nice blog and thanks for sharing such useful information. There are essential points and techniques so all beginners calligraphers so that very useful to improve your knowledge and calligraphers style,

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