These days, different types of web hosting services are available in the market. Windows hosting is one of them. It is among the best hosting options provided in the world. It is an excellent option for the websites that are assisted through Microsoft Windows NT or Internet Information Server (IIS). It is an NT-based server that is installed with Microsoft Windows Server Edition like Windows XP or 2003.

These days, Windows hosting in India is believed to be a powerful and end to end management solution that offers complete dependability and scalability. That’s why it has become the right option for many online businesses.

Windows hosting in India

Windows hosting India is supposed to offer the best solution when it comes to using precise windows applications like Active Server Pages (ASP). It is an apt choice if you want to develop your own website with Microsoft Front Page. In addition, it is also the right option if you’re going to build a site with MS Index Server, .NET or Visual Basic scripts. It is better than UNIX. When discussed database, MS SQL is perfect for both Windows hosting and UNIX. However, MS Access database is functioned only by Windows hosting.

Web Server

The demand for Windows hosting is increasing because the server technology that Microsoft has developed is without any doubt the most crucial aspect, which has contributed to the success of Windows web hosting services. Also referred to an internet information server, the Windows hosting server is made up of both HTTP and FTP type servers.

This is the feature that has made the Windows web hosting server an edge cutting platform in the server market. It has the ability to meet the requirements of all Microsoft products. In general, Microsoft has made its best effort to bundle its services with new technologies that allow users to create things like applications and websites easily.

Benefits of Windows Hosting

Among the benefits of Windows hosting is that it allows users to effortlessly incorporate any Microsoft products to websites. This is because a large number of customers are using Windows and Microsoft products these days. With this hosting option, you can incorporate cross-browser script libraries from JavaScript with ASP with the help of Microsoft technology. Some of the features like ODBC database connectivity and Cold Fusion can be used only for Windows hosting India and not by UNIX.

Apart from all these, you may be aware of the fact that shared windows hosting is being used to a great extent for reducing the expenses. However, two types of web hosting services are available. They are dedicated hosting and shared web hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is entirely different when we talk about shared hosting. Dedicated hosting can be used for utilizing the whole server with full authority. You can use all available resources without any hindrance for one or more websites and get high traffic in general hosting services.

Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting is usually meant for shared window hosting. It is widely popular among different types of hosting solutions. With a shared window hosting option, you can have an extensive choice of affordable services usually on a single server room. It provides adequate control to various client websites.

Besides web hosting India, you have options to avail many solutions including free web hosting, web hosting reseller, managed hosting and much more. Not only this, when we discuss expenses, windows hosting is known for being expensive, especially because of its trademarked software and the user of Windows servers.

In Summary

With all the information above about Windows hosting, dedicated hosting and Windows shared hosting; it is clear that Windows hosting is the number one among hosting providers in India, especially when we talk about web development technologies. Not only this, Microsoft does also update its internet hosting technologies and launch new programs that increase the efficiency and effectiveness.

In a nutshell, Windows hosting is the best option to incorporate websites with Microsoft products. Though this hosting solution is available at a bit more expensive prices than UNIX hosting, it is in demand these days across the world. Keep your eyes on the influx of new technologies released within the Windows web hosting platform. This is because they have the ability to help users in powerful ways.

If you are developing a website with Microsoft product, then don’t go for any other option except the Windows hosting. There are many companies in India that are committed to providing excellent hosting services. So, look for a popular hosting company and get the best Windows hosting solution for your business.

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