Technology is bringing advancement in all aspects of an individual’s life whether it is regarding communication ease or habit of smoking. Electronic gadgets of current times are capable of giving you a new experience of smoking through vapors. Rather than inhaling tar with the puffs of smoke, now one can use vaping devices. These devices are specially meant for cannabis users who waste a lot of time on joints preparation. Not just for casual enjoyment, but some cannabis extracts are also available for medical purposes. While searching in the market, you will find that there are basically two kinds of cannabis extracts available in the market i.e.

CBD (Cannabidiol)

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

Both of them are the extracts of cannabis plant but meant for different purposes. For understanding them in a better way, here is some valuable information to share. Please scroll down to know more.



The cannabidiol aka CBD is cannabis extract that holds medical properties to heal several diseases. Although it is obtained from the cannabis plant, still only a few elements of intoxication are available that too incapable of getting you high. Generally, physicians suggest different CBD compound extracts for the patients of:-

  1. Arthritis,
  2. Schizophrenia,
  3. Diabetes,
  4. Antibiotic-resistant infections,
  5. Alcoholism,
  6. Chronic pain,
  7. Depression,
  8. PTSD,
  9. Epilepsy

Large criteria of doctors suggest that consumption of CBD is very helpful in fighting with cancer. The research is still under observation; still, many positive results are coming from recent studies. Currently, you can buy it from a dispensary in Orange County that provides cannabis-based medical products. It has a very low level of intoxicant material; thus there are almost negligible chances of getting high on weed.


Why vaporizer is perfect for CBD consumption?

Vaping devices produce vapors that softly hit on lings and other body parts. Many patients who are not used to the marijuana may feel difficulty in consuming it through alternative ways.

Despite having too many health benefits, one must be aware of its adverse impacts on health too. The users of CBD oil may face some mild health conditions like low blood pressure, dry mouth & tiredness. Before buying from medical cannabis dispensary online, consult with a doctor.


THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

The THC fluid is widely popular all over the world because of its intoxicant features. It is specifically meant for pleasure rather than medical purpose. Even though, it also helps cancer patients by providing pain relief. Not just in orange county dispensaries but this material is available at several online stores. One can buy THC cannabis extract in multiple flavors. Apart from vaping devices, the THC compound is also available inedibles such as cookies, gummies, brownies & cakes. These edibles contain a certain amount of THC that has enough intensity to get you high without smoking or vaping. Still, vaping has its own benefits that you can find below:-

  1. It is ready to use material
  2. No time wastage on preparation
  3. Pure extract without harmful toxins
  4. A specific degree of THC to identify your limit
  5. Compatible with all kinds of vaping devices


Final Words

Consumption of THC & CBD depends on the purpose for which you are buying. There is no doubt that cannabis extracts vaping mus much better than smoking from the perspective of health and purity. It is also a non-addictive way to get high. Addiction is found in less than 10% of people in various studies. If you are not finding it in the medical dispensary near me search criteria on the internet, it must be illegal in your region. Still, patients of some serious illnesses may get authorization from legal bodies.

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