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When we talk about criminal law in Dubai, we can’t ignore Sharia Law. This particular law dramatically influences the framework of the criminal law in the city. It’s the religious law and moral code of Islam. Sharia law deals with plenty of issues, including crimes, sexuality, marriage, dress codes, gambling, liquor, and other matters. No matter whether you’re non-Muslims or foreigner if you violate laws in the UAE, Sharia law will be acknowledged and applied.

However, criminal lawyers in Dubai can help you get rid of problems. As a professional, you should know the basics of laws and regulations of the country you are in or you are planning to visit. Whether you’re a citizen, tourist or expatriated, everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. You can’t give any excuse like you are not aware of the law of the land.

In a country like the UAE, criminal laws are a bit complex and more stringent. People are rigorous in following their moral, ethics and religion. Here are the basics of rules and regulations you should know to live freely in Dubai, UAE. These will help you stay safe and away from innocently committing crimes and violations.

Penal Code

As per the criminal lawyers in UAE, the Dubai Panel Code is very obvious and straightforward on its rules of public displays of affection.

For instance, if you’re married, you can only hold your spouse’s hands in public. This is the only sign of affection tolerated in the city of Dubai or anywhere across the UAE. Going beyond this may cause a legal problem, and you may seek the help of criminal lawyers in Dubai. If you are a foreigner, you may be deported out of the city.

Respects for Symbols

Like in other countries, respecting the symbols of UAE such as national emblem and the flag is mandatory for everyone – whether you’re a resident and tourist. If anyone is breaking this law or disrespecting the symbols are punished by either imprisonment, payment of fines or deportation.

Offensive Gestures

Offensive behavior or gestures like swearing or using use of offensive language is a grave public offense. Violating this law may let you pay fine, or you may be deported or imprisoned. That is good for the people in Dubai.

Dress Code

What you wear is also a part of the criminal law in Dubai. You can’t dress up inappropriately. For example, no one can wear a too short dress, revealing too much of their skin. So, whenever you visit outside, make sure your clothes are in proper lengths.


Do you smoke two to three cigarettes in a day? Stay alert you’re in Dubai. Smoking is not allowed in public places such as railway stations, airports, malls, shops, offices, etc. However, there are some designated areas where smoking is permitted.

Dancing & Playing Music

Playing music and dancing in public places are also prohibited in the city of Dubai.  These areas include residential areas, parks, beach, and many others. In so far as clubs and bars are concerned, they need to acquire a dancing permit or license before allowing their guests to dance.

Taking Photos

If you are fond of photography and love to capture everything including people in your camera, again be alert when you are in Dubai or any other part of the UAE. You can’t take photos of people without their permission as it is prohibited by the court of law. The situation may turn out to be worse if you take pictures of women and families without their consent.


These are the most common pints related to criminal law and Dubai penal code you need to keep in mind. If unfortunately you are involved in such crime or any other illegal activities, don’t fail to hire an experienced and professional criminal lawyer. A good lawyer is the only way to get rid of any cases. You can find the best lawyers online as most of the skilled and talented lawyers are available online. However, you can also find prestigious law firms to look for lawyers.

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