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A basic human need is food and it is not very difficult to get our favourite food delivered at our doorstep to lower down our all-time cravings. There is a demand of variants in food items and  restaurants all over the globe experiencing different foods from different regions.


The food delivery app development is getting benefitted too because it is not always possible to calm our cravings by going out to eat. With the demand for food delivery apps reaching the sky, it is getting important to make the apps free of discrepancies to make the food delivered to the customers in a careful, free and fair manner.

There must have been a day when a person got an idea for the food delivery app and as we all know that every great idea and opportunity comes with a challenge to achieve the desired goals. It is important to get deeper into the industry to find out and solve the problems and challenges faced by the food delivering apps.

Not only these challenges affect the reputations of the food delivery app solutions for restaurants and food outlets, but it also affects the customers or users of the apps who stop trusting the apps if they face even a single minor problem. This ultimately affects the restaurants and the app owners. Therefore, it is more than important to reach out to all the challenges before it captures the industry and modifies the people’s interest.

There are various examples and already established and successful apps whose strategies can be taken as an inspiration to make your business a successful one. Some of the apps are UberEats and Postmates.

app like uber eats


They provide food to be delivered in three easy steps that are:

Browse: Selecting the food item to be delivered.

Order: Make the order for the selected food items.

Track: Know the status of the order that whether it is getting prepared or out for delivery.


Their mission is to transform the way goods and food items are delivered in the city. They deliver all the items from the local stores and restaurants to the people at their doorsteps to make their living easier and better.


  • Competitive Price Distribution

Every person who wishes to order food would first have a brief look at the prices of the food items. And thereafter, when the user will find the restaurant with the most reasonable price, the order will be made. It is the price that sometimes doesn’t match the budget of the user which ultimately leads them to not order from the food delivery apps.

Solution: Restaurants with every type of prices i.e. prices that should be affordable by all should be provided in the app. Sometimes, the small restaurants are not given recognition or the restaurant owners do not bother to join in with the food delivery app. This can be eliminated by bringing all the restaurants and food hubs to food delivery apps.

  • Maintaining Customer’s Loyalty

Customer’s loyalty is the main concept to be maintained in the years of the business. Even if the minor inconvenience takes place from the delivery apps, it would ultimately be suffered by both, the restaurant and the app owners. It could happen by the bad language used by the delivery staff or the delay in delivery.

Solution: The staff should be selected with the proper screening process and a background check. It’s the delivery staffs that represent the app in a customer’s eye. Therefore, they are the main people that are needed to be concentrated on. Also, it is important to provide proper incentives for them to keep them motivated for the good behaviour with the customers.  

  • Logistics And Delivery

It has been observed that the first and foremost reason for the delayed delivery is due to either lack of vehicle maintenance or careless behaviour of the logistics staff.

Solution: Vehicle maintenance and relations with logistic companies are very important to survive in the food delivery industry. Proper and timely vehicles provided will ultimately lead to a consistent delivery process to the customers.  

  • Maintaining Restaurant And Logistics Staff

It is important to keep the staff motivated for the work they are doing. It has been largely seen that when the staff is treated badly, their behaviour with the customers gets harsh and disrespectful.

Solution: High incentives should be provided for the staff to not make them feel like the slave of the work that they have to perform every day. This could be done by providing bonuses or titles like the best chef or best staff of the month. Not only will this increase the rating of the restaurant and food delivery app but it will also increase the customer’s loyalty towards the restaurant and the app.  

  • Inconsistent Food Quality

When the food quality is not maintained by the restaurant, customer’s rating ultimately falls down. Every customer can rate the restaurant and its service after each order made. Therefore, it is important to keep the taste and quality of the food consistent.

Solution: the ultimate solution for the problem is to keep a proper check on the taste and quality of the food. Consistency in the taste and quality will attract customers at an increasing pace.

  • Differentiation In Volume

Ordering from apps doesn’t define the volume of the food items properly which makes the reliability of the restaurants and the apps difficult. Also, many times there is a difference in the volume when the same item is ordered again.

Solution: Every food item should have the amount of volume or the size given along with the details of the food item. It could be given with different units like ml or cm.  

  • Realizing The Competition

With the world counting on food delivery apps, it becomes more crucial to get to know the rival businesses thoroughly. It is important to understand the threats and opportunities that the app owners might have to face due to the increasing competition.

Solution: The most important aspect to be understood is the types of offers and services that are provided by other apps. Also, there should be some additional features that should be provided to the users that are not offered by other apps.

Closing Thoughts

It is ultimately the customers that are needed to be satisfied with all the services provided and therefore, they should be the first criteria to be focused on while developing an app. There are various app development and restaurant app builder companies that are efficient in cases like these. If you have faced any problems related to food delivery apps, we would like to know about them. Also, if you think there are alternate solutions for the above problems, please do let us know!

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