High quality automated hand tools make life a skilled technician easier. The job at hand gets done faster without adding any unnecessary complications. Professional automotive tool sets include a wide range of instruments like Tubular Spanner, Wheel Spanner, Bearing Pullers, Spark Plug Spanner, Tyre Lever, Cross Wheel Spanner, L Type Spanner, etc.

The best place to buy a set of automotive tools would be at Eastman Hand Tools. Established in 1989 and a part of the Eastman Group, Eastman Cast & Forge Ltd. is known for the quality production of automotive tool sets.

Dealing with manufacturing all kinds of hand tools, automotive tools, plumbing tools, agriculture tools, construction tools, etc. we give priority to quality at every stage. From procuring and testing raw materials to certifying the final product, the quality check is done in ten different stages with meticulous precision.

Our qualified and experienced team of engineers, artisans, technicians, front office professionals, marketing experts make sure the manufactured tools are of the best quality. We take extra care in customized packaging and delivering the products on time; all at a comparatively good price.

We, at Eastman Group, follow the latest manufacturing technology and industry defined parameters. The tools are manufactured from high-quality raw materials. Relatively easy to use, our tools last for a long time. We make sure the tools are easy to handle and carry along to various places by the technician.

Having the right kind of tool can reduce the work time by a considerable amount. At Eastman, we believe that manufacturing the perfect tool helps the technicians in numerous ways. Our quality testing department is continuously updated to maintain the high standard of the tools.

At Eastman Group, we consider social and environmental responsibility as a part of our duty. Ours is the only company in the Hand Tools industry in Punjab that has the Reverse Osmosis Plant and an Effluent Treatment Plant which make sure there is absolutely no discharge of harmful chemicals into the environment. We manufacture two types of Bearing Pullers, with two legs and three legs in 6 sixes. Made from quality carbon steel, the pullers are easy to use.

There are two types of Cross wheel Spanners with Matte polish made from carbon steel. The conventional X model has two sizes available with different specifications while the + model has one size available with two different specifications.

  • The Tyre Lever comes with chrome plating n 6 sizes to suit the industry specifications.
  • The Tubular Spanners are made of zinc or chrome on order and are available in around 15 sizes.
  • The Wheel Spanner Half/Full Hardened come with and without Tommy bar. Made from selected carbon, these are available for purchase in more than a dozen sizes.
  • The L type Spanner Induction Hardened is available in 4 sizes with or without a lever.
  • The Spark Plug Spanner Induction Hard/ Full Hard has a zinc finish and comes in 2 sizes.

The professional automotive tools can be purchased online on our website http://www.eastmanhandtools.com/.

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