Best Bone marrow transplant hospitals in India

If you want to do the bone marrow transplant in India then there are many good places where you can get it done. There are many hospitals where you can get it done at very reasonable rates. Before that you just need to understand how it is done and what it is.

Doctors recommend this surgery when there is a need to replace the damaged bone marrow with a working one. The new cells in the body start generating good blood cells. This process is a complicated one and it has to be done with care. This has to be done by the experts only. There are many Best Bone marrow transplant hospitals in India and you can choose one of them. There will be expert people who will guide you about the process. You can get the surgery done at the most reasonable costs. There are many corners of the universe where this facility is not available but in major parts it is there.You will get the best quality treatment at these hospitals.

Bone marrow is a spongy and soft textured tissue that is located inside the bones in your body.  These bones are making the blood stem cells. The incompetent cells then become the blood cells.  The transplant is done in three major ways.

Autologous bone marrow transplant.

In this process the stem cells are replaced before the radiation treatment takes place. Then the stem cells will be kept in refrigerator. Then the stem cells will be again put in your body. You can go to the Best Bone marrow transplant hospitals in India to get the best treatment. You will be treated by professionals there.

Allogeneic bone marrow transplant.

There will be a cell donor. The cells will be removed from the body of the donor and will be put in the body of the patient. Before this is done, the genes of both of them should at least match 50 %.A test will be done to see if it matches. A sibling can be a good and perfect match.

Umbilical cord blood transplant.

In this type Stem cells are taken out from the umbilical cord of a new-born. This is done immediately after the birth. The cells will be then kept in the fridge and there is no need for a perfect match.

The collection of the Donor stem cells can be done in following ways

Bone marrow harvest.

General anaesthesia is given to the patient. The bone marrow will be removed as per the weight of the patient.


In the initial stage the donor will be given a few days of shots so that the stem cells will be able to move from the bone marrow and will flow easily into the blood.  During this phase the blood will be removed from the body of donor via IV line.  The section of white blood cells that have stem cells is then made separate with a machine and that will be replaced later and then provided to the person in blood. The donor will get his red blood cells back.

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