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You’re living in Kansas City along with your family. Ensuring a safe and sound haven for them should always be your priority. You would never leave your family in danger. You will keep watch on your home if no one is there. These are some of the reasons you ensure to tighten up the security cordon of your house.

While there is hardly anything else except a burglar-proof home, providing adequate security to your home can let you have a good night’s place. To make sure that your house is safe, follow these tips.

3 D’s Formula: Basic Security Principles

No matter the type of security system you decide to install in your home, it’s essential to follow these three safety principles. These principles are termed as 3 D’s, i.e., Deterrence, Denial, and Detection – defined by ADT Kansas City. 3 D’s works for everyone be it a homeowner or an office.


Your first step is to work on deterrence. You should learn to discourage criminals from targeting you in the first place. This includes letting criminals realize that you are at home even if you are not. Also, demonstrate that there are security systems in some areas. Besides, keep valuables out of sight so that outsiders don’t have any idea what is stored where.


Second ‘D’ is denial, which is helpful when you can’t deter the criminal, and they can put harm to your home, and you lose your valuables. In that case, choose to work on making getting entry to your house as tricky and time-consuming as possible. This step includes locking and closing all windows and doors. However, you should also check locks and track dead-blots and many other extra reinforcements on vulnerable entry points. Many online security systems providers can provide you with adequate help and let you identify some of these points and give ideas for reinforcing.


Detection is the third step given by ADT Kansas City. If thieves manage to gain entry to your premises, you should go for the detection step. They way manage to enter your home; you need to install some Honeywell Security Systems such as CCTV cameras that can detect their intrusion as quickly as possible and report it to you and the authorities immediately. With that, you can help you in two ways: by updating powers on the screen bout the intrusion as soon as possible to get the criminals apprehended and by enabling you to secure your property before you return home.

Above all these, it’s important to implant multiple layers of defense. This will slow down the entry of strangers. The security system can help you by alerting if someone tries to break. To prevent theft, you need to think like a thief. Check your house from everywhere. Examine the vulnerable areas where thieves may launch attack. It’s good to stand outside your home, look into your windows and make sure no valuables are visible.

You priority should be to protect your family members as well as valuable items in your absence. The tricks above can let you have the peace of mind you deserve.

Here are the tools and systems that can help you ensure proper 3 D’s formula at your residence.

Security Systems

When you plan for tightening security, you should think like a thief. Today’s thieves are more active than their forefathers.  To make their plan falls flat, installing security systems can be a good decision. In general two types of security systems are available:

  1. Wireless All-In-One Security Systems
  2. Hardwired/Hybrid Security Systems

These are most popular security tools you can use. Both come with similar features and work well. While Wireless Systems are easy to install, ensuring outstanding value and flexibility in positioning equipment, hardwired systems don’t require to replace so many batteries and are well suited for large installations, existing systems, and new builds.

Detection equipment

To detect unwanted entry to your home, choose detection equipment. This type of systems can help you detect unauthorized entry, detect the presence of people moving around within a protected area, listen for the sound of breaking glass in a room detect smoke, fire and make sure your home is secure. Some other types of detectors include Freeze detectors, Flood detectors, Carbon monoxide detectors etc. to detect other threats. The good thing is that all pieces of equipment come with or without wire.


Protecting your home or office can turn out to be quite easy if you follow the above tips and use a suite of security systems. You can learn more about the security tips for your home by contacting home security experts or the security systems providers in Kansas City. Many reputable security systems suppliers provide comprehensive tips to secure your home along with the right equipment.

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