how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Verizon

Smartphones are perhaps the most widely used electronic device in the world, almost every single person around you might have one in their pockets or in their hands. There are over 3 billion devices in use currently. The staggering numbers are a testament to the sheer technological advancement that we have witnessed in the past decade or so.

There are two operating systems which are widely used and the market leader is the Android OS, powered by Google. But as smartphones pack the latest and greatest in technology, they are also quite pricey and paying the premium price for these devices is not what people want to do every once in a while.

Hence the option of getting these devices over contract seems like the right move to most. You do not have to pay the full premium, but rather a fraction of the price and with all the features of the phone intact. The only major disadvantage is that you cannot use it on any other cellular network, and once the contract expires, you will still be stuck to that same network plan.

So the question now remains how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Verizon? The answer is quite simple by using the unlock code method.

This is by far the safest way to go about unlocking a smartphone as you will only need the details of the phone to remove the network imposed restrictions. It does not require any hardware or software changes. All you need is the IMEI number, the device code, the carrier details, the country of purchase, and the manufacturer details. All these are required to generate a device-specific code which can unlock a phone. If you feel hesitant or confused about unlocking a device, you should take the help of services and websites which can do this in a matter of minutes.

Once the process is done there are many advantages that come with it. You will also not have to unlock it again or search for how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 at&t, because you decided to change your network. Firstly, you are now free to change carriers and move to different networks as per your needs. For travellers, this means that they can now carry multiple sim cards and use it accordingly. No more spotty network, no more excessive tariffs, you can use your device as per your needs and you do not have to suffer through the choice of using a particular carrier.

Another big advantage that comes with unlocking mobile phones is the rise in resell price. This is especially true in the case of Samsung devices which have a very good value as time progresses. If you have kept your S7 in a rather good condition, unlocking it can fetch you a good price. This is due to the fact that you can use the device on many different carriers and a locked phone is restricted to one network, thus not amounting to much. Now that you know how to unlock a device, you should go ahead and give your phone the same treatment.

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