New Zealand 6 honeymoon destinations in New Zealand

New Zealand, where luxury meets serenity for the most memorable experience ever. We understand how juggling wedding and honeymoon planning can be extremely stressful which is why we have listed down the 12 best honeymoon destinations in New Zealand to help you


Bay of Islands

We just had to start this list with mentioning Bay Of Islands, which consists of more than 140 islands as well as the famous townships of Opua, Paihia, Russell and Kerikeri. You will not spend a bored moment here since there is so much to explore in this culturally rich as well as beautiful destination. Whether you are looking for a marine playground, secluded beaches or rainforests that house majestic giant Kauri trees; you will find everything here.

Coromandel Peninsula

Everything that has the word Coromandel and has something to do with travel is generally amazing, as a pattern. One of the most romantic places in new zealand, the Coromandel Peninsula comes with pristine white sandy beaches, hidden secluded coves, and wonderful walking tracks are all waiting for you and your partner in the Coromandel Peninsula. You can spend your days swimming and surfing, and what more do you really need apart from soaking up the late summer sun and listening to the sounds of the ocean?

Marlborough Sounds

While Marlborough doesn’t make us think about anything other than bumming up a smoke, it means very different to those visiting New Zealand for their honeymoon. This is a wine region known around the world, and is one of the sunniest spots in New Zealand. Marlborough Sounds is a collection of ancient river valleys filled with the waters of the Pacific Ocean. You should definitely take a drive around the beautiful valleys in the comfort of your motorhome as you enjoy a romantic afternoon tasting the latest vintages.

Waitomo Caves

We aren’t allowed to have favourites but we could maybe, probably whisper in your ear that Waitomo Caves in a very special place in New Zealand Tour Packages for us. If you are looking for an out-of-the-box experience, this is the ideal option for you. Waitomo Caves are located underground, 100 metres below the surface. Thousands of tiny glow worms will light your way as both of you go on to explore a labyrinth of caves and underground rivers featuring waterfalls and limestone formations.

Lake Tekapo

This one is a part of a UNESCO Dark Sky Reserve, and Lake Tekapo is located in a quaint isolated township where you and your loved one could spend a ball of a time! All you need to do here is look upwards and discover the clarity of the Southern Hemisphere sky by night.

One thing about Rotorua stands out from everything else which are the geothermal fantasies here. There is everything geothermal here that is possible ranging from bubbling mud pools, geysers, natural springs and the largest hot waterfall in the Southern Hemisphere. Rotorua is perfect for each genre of vacation: whether you’re looking for adventure, a cultural experience or simply a place to unwind surrounded by stunning natural beauty.

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