To invite a number of the potential buyer to purchase your house you will probably need a home stager. The home stagers bring in the furniture and decorative if the house is empty and declutter and organize the house if it is already filled. Home staging will not let you sell your house for more money but it will make it sell it as quickly as possible. Home staging on average costs from $1800 to $5000, but you can do it in a handful of money. Here are the ways in which you can stage your house for less than $1500:

1.     Virtual Staging

When buyers are looking for a house to purchase the first option they search are on the internet. Virtual staging is mainly aimed at these online buyers. Online buyers may not feel interested in looking at a vacant house. To handle the situation efficiently you can do a virtual staging of your house. In virtual staging, you send pictures of your empty rooms to the virtual stager and he will give you back a house furnished with delicately chosen furniture and other decorative things. You can virtually stage a house for less than $200 for three photos.

2.     Focus on a few rooms

Do not spend your entire budget on staging the wrong room. You do not want to do that. Simply pay attention to those rooms that hold importance in a house. Focus on the entryway, main living area, kitchen and master bedroom.  On an average, a home stager will charge you $75 to $125 an hour and wasting your money on the not so important rooms do not sound good. Instead, you can do these rooms yourself it will now cost you less few hundred dollars.

3.     Improve lighting

Improving the lighting of your house may not look like it will help. But the truth is lighting plays a very important role in staging a house. Make sure the house is well lit and all the lighting and fixtures are working properly. You can consider using brighter lights and fixtures. This is one point which can help you stage your home just like pro Houston Home Stagers without even spending a lot.

4.     Tidy the outside

Step outside and remove the debris, pull out the dead plants and clean the driveway. Trim the shrubs in the garden make the garden look tidy. You cannot paint the whole exterior of the house under $1500 but you can make sure the outside is clean and tidy to appeal the potential buyer.

5.     Declutter

When you are staging home for a budget you need to know the basics. A home is always cluttered with your personal belongings which shows that the house is not organized. Decluttering is budget friendly in fact its only time spent. when you are staging a home you should remove the personal items so that the buyer can picture his family in the house and not yours.

The above ways will surely help you stage your house for less than $1500. Staging a house on the budget is no big deal all you need is few tips.

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