Indian street food

India is a very famous country for street food. No one can beat Indian street food in a taste of exotic flavors. Every country has its own street food. Indian street food is famous for its taste, varieties and diversity. All foods are easily available on market or street in any Indian cities. I know!! Street food is not that much healthy one but tastes wise it has many variation and unique flavors.

Have you tried ever Indian street food?? There are lots of dishes which is famous in different places in India. Just look out and don’t miss delicious street food aroma on every street from Punjab to Mumbai.

Aloo Tikki – Crunchy and Crispi Re-Treat

This is a simple dish which is made from mashed potatoes, peas and spices. It is famous street food from a city of Nawabs “Lucknow”. Every city has its own variation of aloo tikki. In Mumbai people made ragda patties from it and in Delhi, they are made aloo chaat with Chutney. This is pure vegetarian street food for veggies lover.

In Lucknow. It is served with tasty spicy peas curry and sweet-sour chutney. People are also used to eat with curd, coriander chutney and pomegranate seeds.

Dabeli, – Spicy and Sweet at the Same Time

Dabeli is one of the mouth-watering street foods from Gujarat. One uniqueness of Gujarati food, It is very Spicy Yet Sweet at the Same time. There are also other Gujarati street foods like Khaman, Dhokla but Dabeli has an amazing combination of softness and crunch. All vendors in Gujarat add their flavors to it.

Generally, it is made of Buttered Bun which is stuffed with mashed potatoes. After stuffed Bun with Mashed potatoes, Dip this into Namkeen. It is served with Spicy and Sweet chutney.

Litti Chokha, a dish that talks about simplicity

Litti Chokha is very famous street food from Patna and Bihar. It is Bihari version of Rajasthani Dal Batti. This is one of the traditional cuisines that you can take as breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. A spicy chokha is made from brinjal and mashed potatoes and Litti is made from grams and lots of ghee. It is served with spoonful ghee. This mouth-watering dish gives amazing tickle to your taste buds.

In 2017, delicious litti chokha is the strongest competition to international cuisines at Manila international food fest.

Pani Puri/ Gol Gappa/ Puchka – All Time Favorite

Pani puri is all time favorite street food for all ages of people. It gives a spicy, tangy and sour taste at the same time. Pani puri is famous by a different name in different places. But whatever the name is, it is impossible to find alternatives street food of panipuri which has the lip-smacking taste of tangy-minty.

If you have tried to make panipuri at home, but u can’t satisfied of it. If you are sophisticated then you can make this at home. Because the best taste of panipuri is those which are served on the street sides.

Kachori – The Taste of Bikaneri

Kachori is a most famous food of Rajasthan. If you tasted once in a life, then you will not forget the taste of kachories. It is made from maida with various fillings. Kachori is mouth-watering snacks which are served in morning and evening. This is not popular only in Rajasthan but is well known from all around the world for its exotic and rich taste.

Momos – The Star of the Street Food

Have you tried Steamed Samosa? Yes, Momos is a steamed version of Samosa. It is the native street food of Nepal and Tibet. But nowadays it is one of the famous street snacks in Indian cities. It is hot steamed dumplings loaded with veggies or chicken. Ya, it is available for both vegetarian and nonvegetarian people. Momos are served with delicious, spicy and tangy red sauce.

Vada pav – Indian Version of Burger

Vada pav is a famous food of Mumbai. Everyone from a common man to businessmen stands onto these vada pav stalls every day. It consists of potatoes dumplings placed between a middle of the bread bun. It is known as cheap street food in Mumbai. But nowadays is served in stalls across India. It is a favorite street bite for all Mumbaikars.

This is served with fried green chilies in Mumbai that increased the heat inside stomach but it gives an amazing kick to your taste buds.

Mirchi Bajji – A Spicy Snack to Kill the Heat

If you think to try this for the first time then you have to be ready with one glass of water. It is popular street snack from tourist attraction – Hyderabad. There are so many names of it like Milagai Bajji, Mirapakaya Bajji, Bonda or Mirchi Bada. Marchi Bajji is green chili fritters which are stuffed with spicy mashed potatoes. It is Served with chopped onion and sliced of lemon in Hyderabad. But In other places, it is served with tomatoes sauce or turmeric chutney.

Bhel Puri – Mouthwatering Blend of Sweet & Sour

There is famous street food from north cuisine. There are lots of variations in Bhelpuri like Dahi Puri, Chutney puri, chaat. It looks colorful fusion of taste. There are so many ingredients to use for making this. In a wet version of chaat, chutney must be needed but if you like a dried version of it then chutney is not necessary. This dried version of chaat is known as Bhadang in Maharashtra. The various chutney is responsible for giving sweet, tangy and spicy flavors.

Masala Chai

Last But not the least, This is very popular all around India. If you are tea-lover then you must try this street. It is easily available on every street in India but if you find best masala chai then you have to go Kolkata. Everyone loved to do gossip with the cup of chai. In Kolkata, it is served in clay cups. Believe me when you sipped chai from clay cups, then you satisfied your chai gravity. At least once in a life, you must try these amazing chai which gives sugary and spicy aroma.

You cannot ignore a spicy roadside food while walking the stall on road. When you want to plan India tour then you must have knowledge about this delicious and mouth-watering street food and luxury destinations in India. Enjoying your inerasable Tour of Indian Street Food!!!

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